the middle of somewhere (monkeysurreal) wrote in litgeek,
the middle of somewhere

ok people, listen up.

your community: awesome idea.
my presence: perhaps a bit late, it would seem.

sixteen weeks?  really?  no one's said anything for SIXTEEN WEEKS?

well then.

my thoughts when i joined was the usual "ooh,  i like to read" and a little bit of  "ooh, you guys seem cool" but in order for this to work it seems to me that i would have to know something about y'all. 
how could i recommend books to someone i dont know anything about? 
what have you read already?
what would you usually chose for yourself?
how yould you like to branch off from this?
what are you reading now?
who is your favorite author?

ok, so this may be a moot point.  you've all moved on from this particular endeavor, abandoned it for bigger greener whatevers.  but i still want someone to tell me what to read, damnit!  i still like the postcard thing and if you can answer any of those questions, and email me your address, i'll send you a postcard!

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